Creating Motion Graphics at Yshma Digital

We are a team of directors, designers, copywriters,strategic thinkers, narrators and many other artists working closely together in motion design department. We are eager about creating colorful and aesthetic design and illustrations.We create unique story about brands in different technique like 2D, 3D, Cutout, Flat design and etc...

After computers entered the art world, static images became frames in a row and create dynamic amazing videos that we know as motion graphics. Motion graphics is the teamwork and creativeness product and when combined with sounds turn into a powerful tool for conveying information to the audience. The audience’s acceptance of this art product is not hidden from anyone, but what is important is the level of animate and dynamism of the text that should be consistent with the content.

Capabilities : 

  • Product Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Animations
  • Social Media Videos

Yshma Digital Motion Graphics Benefits :

Flexibility in price

We provide the opportunity for customers to receive the best services with any budget

Unique story

The story of motion graphics is completely unique and belongs to you and your business

Multi platform

You can use these motion graphics on all social networks without any restrictions

Easy to understand

Since motion graphics is supposed to introduce or promote your product or service, it should be comprehensible to all people.

Elegant And suitable Style

Motion graphics have variety of styles and techniques, and customers can choose the best style.

Proper use of animation

Today, many motion graphics are produced that only try to convey concepts by animating graphic shapes, but our experts consider motion graphics as a separate art and create artistic content by using their knowledge.

Our Motion Graphics

Yshma Motion Graphic Techniques

Brand Videos

In this type of motion graphics, the brand introduce by abstract concepts hidden in the company's logo as well as other related images.

Explainer Video

This motion graphics type use animated charts, diagram and image for explain something in order to present product or service in meeting or other location like that.

Instructional Video

Sometimes you need a simple understand video for your customers. ،This type of motion graphics use images and animations for explain complicated subject in simple language.


When you want narrate a story about your brand, service or product and make a empathy with your customer; you should create a Storytelling motion graphics with dramatic story.

Key Features of Motion Graphics

  • Elegance: It has a elegant style due to the use of visual effects.
  • Easy shareable: With the widespread use of social media, video sharing Very convenient and easy today.
  • Simplify:It via understandable language make connect with audience easily.
  • Cost and Time effective: One minute of video is equivalent to 1.8 million words and people spend about a third of their online time to watching video.

Work Flow

Our Working Process

Write a script is the first step for design motion graphic that start with receiving information from customer and it leads to the creation of ideas.

Start your storyboarding sessions with a brainstorm with members from your design and production team. For us, that includes the scriptwriter, producer, and storyboard sketch artist (aka designer) together. (You may also include your creative director.) During this stage, you’ll want to draw out frames on a whiteboard and review the final script together before you get started. Then you can start sketching ideas to bring the script to life.

Once you have an idea of the storyboard with sketches, you can begin translating your storyboards into actual designs. Note: Everything at this stage is used in the final animation stages, so take time to get the details right. It also helps if the person who sketched the storyboards also handles the design. During this stage, write out your visual notes and have your production team (and any other stakeholders) review them before passing them along to the animation team for use in the final cut.

The animation phase is when everything comes together. Animation style - Timing - Music - Sound effects

Putting scenes together to create an integrated narrative by using transitions, cameras, lighting and etc.

Choosing the right music that makes the motion graphics rhythm better and creates a positive feeling.

Adjust movements and changes with sound in motion graphics in a way that increases its effectiveness, also adding ambient sounds and ...

at this stage we give the video and all documents related to the motion graphics and help to share the video in a gentle manner .

What we do for you is more than design motion graphics. We manage your branding process,products awareness, social media pages, communication channels and public relations, the content of your sites, make presentation so that you can focus on your business growth with ease.

What We Do

Branding process

when you create brand we help you communicate with your Potential customers by systematic program and making brand associations in mind of people.Motion design with unique technique one of the best way to attract people.

Products awareness

Sometimes you offer a service that is useful to most people, but many of them are unaware of it. We help you in this way by creating creative campaigns by using motion graphics and many other tools.

Social media pages

You've probably wondered why, even though the content of your pages is useful , you don't get a good feedback. Social media algorithms are constantly changing and our experts research every day to help you increase your engagement.

Communication channels

The content of your communication channels, in addition to being useful, also should be engaging. This requires knowledge of communication. Our Colleagues will accompany you to attract the audience by creating motion designs.

Public relations

Respecting the audience and communicating with them on a regular basis can help improve your relationship with your customers, which in turn builds customer trust and therefore more sales.

Site Contents

If you want to speed up your progress, you need to keep your website content up to date. In addition, you can distinguish your site from customers by providing attractive text, images and motion graphics.

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Uses of Motion Graphics

1. Information Sharing :
If you are trying to convey a message or information to the audience then this will help you to do that in an easy and effective way.

2. Movie and Other Video Titles :
Before starting a movie or other videos the title is shown with the help of motion graphics

3. Social Media Post :
Now a day’s people depend on social media for everything like news, information, entertainment, online courses, etc.motion graphics helps to attract more people to the posts.

4. Digital Marketing :
Digital marketing is a vast field that includes social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, etc. All these online marketing techniques use motion graphics for their promotional and other purposes.

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