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Your email marketing campaigns reflect your brand personality. We, as an email marketing agency help you with all your email marketing needs starting from email development to its timely deployment


We deliver flawless email templates compatible with 40+ email clients and supported by all the major ESPs like Mailchimp, HubSpot, Campaign Monitor, and Salesforce to name a few. Our full service email marketing agency strives to design and code conversion-driven emails and newsletters. We also specialize in creating interactive and dynamic email templates using advance programming techniques.

  • Quickest TAT (~ 8hrs)
  • ESP Integration
  • Code Commented Templates
  • PSD to Email Starts at 
  • Custom Email Design & Coding Starts at 
  • Email Template Audit Starts at 
  • Modular Email Template Production 
  • Interactive/Kinetic Email Templates 

Yshma Digital Email Marketing Campaigns Include :

List reactivation

We’ll assess your email marketing lists, and develop a strategy for targeting your most engaged subscribers. This improves engagement levels and maximizes conversion rates.

Optimize sending

We’ll establish a plan and policies for identifying and automatically removing inactive subscribers from your list. Sunsetting automates email list maintenance and improves email deliverability.

Identification & list growth

We’ll create a system that captures the highest possible percentage of traffic-driving opt-ins throughout your sales funnel. Our system of opt-ins and offers keeps your lists full of high-interest subscribers.

Lifecycle roadmap

We’ll identify the customer behaviors that indicate the highest buying intent and use email triggers to send emails when they will drive the most revenue. Triggered emails automate your email sends and maximize your email marketing revenue.

Newsletter strategy

We’ll evaluate your audience and develop a strategy for the content, cadence, and design of your broadcast newsletters. Optimizing your newsletter engages new subscribers and retains current customers.

Data consolidation

We'll work with you to marry historical purchase from your eCommerce platform and email engagement data from your legacy ESPs. By creating a complete profile for every subscriber, you can make better segmentation decisions and deliver more targeted email.

Email Deliverability Diagnosis & Repair

The perfectly timed personalized email is worthless if it doesn’t reach your subscriber’s inbox. While all of DMi’s marketing efforts are designed to prevent inboxing concerns across the board, many of our clients have initially come to us looking for assistance resolving various levels of deliverability concerns.

We audit each impactful factor in deliverability:

  • Subject line optimizations
  • Preview text analysis
  • Link and tracking diagnostics
  • Loading speed
  • DMARC Implementation
  • Email rendering across email clients and devices
    (mobile and desktop)

Email Marketing Campaign Key points

Copywriting :
Get more responses from every email.

Design :
Optimize your email designs for conversions.

Development :
Know that every one of your emails will render perfectly.

Quality assurance :
Reach your customers, no matter what device or email client they use.

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